MSR Reactor Stove System - 2 5 Litre

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The MSR Reactor reg Stove System claims to be the fastest boil time and ultimate all-condition stove system on the market Thanks to its windproof design this compact efficient and powerful stove system will keep performing when you need it most in cold altitude and challenging conditions The Reactor reg Stove 2 5 Litre System is suitable for 2-3 people very lightweight at only 496g and compact as all components needed away neatly inside the pot to minimise the space needed inside your bag This stove system boasts unprecedented performance and reliability in challenging real world conditions of windy cold altitudes and partially-used canisters thanks to its superior wind protection and consistent flame output The enclosed radiant burner head also means that there is minimal effect to the boil times in high winds and this also saves fuel The Reactor reg Stove System is fantastic quality durable and includes well thought out features such as a folding locking handle and a BPA-Free lid that can also be used as a strainer making this stove system ideal for minimalist backpackers


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